Providing Horticultural Training for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

Our funding model

Blooming Gardeners is not run to make a profit. However, in order to cover costs, we charge a daily rate of £50. This covers the salaries of the horticultural trainers and leaves a modest amount over for the purchase of materials and other costs associated with running a business. Our board is made up entirely of unpaid directors.

We receive additional income from supplying flower planters for Invergordon and Saltburn as well as Invergordon Distillery, and from our annual plant sale, for all of which we are extremely grateful. We encourage our gardeners to apply for Self-Directed Support (SDS) funding to cover the cost of their attendance. We are able to provide information on how to apply for SDS and can arrange support through the process. We regularly apply for grant funding to cover additional expenses. In line with the requirements of a Community Interest Company we submit professionally scrutinised accounts to Companies House once a year.